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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is an offshoot of PKF Hong Kong. It is complimentary to other business units—audit, taxation advice and business advisory service—as a suite of services to clients.

To an enterprise, sources of funding and financial management play a vital role in its growth and development. Here we play our part in four distinctive areas.


Debt financing

We spearhead in the following 2 directions:

  • Financing bundling: optimal combination of financing tools to lower interest expense and improve lending covenants
  • Financing structuring: designing and executing multi-party transactions and complicated loan types, such as syndication loans and convertible bonds

Capital market fund raising

To achieve strategic alignment for enterprise growth, we help our clients select the appropriate investors, strategic partners and venture capitalists, making arrangements for private placements, and ultimately assisting in initial public offering of its shares to further enhance its capital base.


Financial management advisory service

PKF Hong Kong's financial management advisory services include:

  • Investment appraisals
  • Sale-down of receivables
  • Vendor programmes
  • Financial due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Ad-hoc consultancy works

Cross-border advisory service

To cope with China's economic policy of "enterprises globalization," we focus on the following sectors:

  • Technology transfer or turn key
  • Energy, renewable energy, and natural resources
  • Brand building, and global distribution network


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Alfred Chung
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