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Global Reach, Local Touch

Global Reach, Local Touch

Our Commitment To You

We work with both corporate and non-profit clients in diverse industries, including construction & materials, retail, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, industrial engineering, property, hospitality and food wholesale.

We have over 40 years of experience as auditor for publicly listed enterprises on the Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, as well as other leading international exchanges including in London, New York, Frankfurt and Sydney.

You will note the following factors that make working with us different, in a positive way, when comparing us to other service providers:

  • Adding value to our service

        In addition to undertaking the statutory audit we will seek to provide you with additional insights into your business. This will ensure that our contribution to the   performance of your business extends beyond the audit;

  • Right team

    We will demonstrate that our team reflects the diversity of your business, and is focused on building meaningful relationships, while demonstrating understanding and insight into your business;

  • Quality service delivery

    We will also ensure that we communicate to you regularly and that there are no surprises on completion of the audit.This will ensure that we provide you with high quality service at all times;

  • Coordinated approach

    We will provide a coordinated, high quality audit;

  • Fair fee

   Our policy is to provide you with the highest quality audit at a fair and competitive fee.

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