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Corporate News - 23 Jun 2017

ACCA Hong Kong Annual Employers Luncheon 2017

Ms. Szeto Joanna, human resources officer of PKF Hong Kong participated in ACCA Hong Kong's Annual Employers Luncheon 2017.

Corporate News - 14 Jun 2017

Promoting continued dialogue and cooperation between Jiangxi and Hong Kong for sustainable economic growth in the future

PKF founding partner and chairman, Mr. Henry H L Leung, and Ms. H. Y. Pun from PKF Hong Kong were part of the distinguished guest list.

Corporate News - 20 Mar 2017

PKF Shenzhen was invited to the Science and Tech Roadshow

Mr. Dave Deng, Tax Director of PKF Business Advisory (Shenzhen) Limited, was invited to the Science and Technology Innovation Series Project Roadshow (Session 6).

Corporate News - 27 Feb 2017

Synopsis of Hong Kong 2017/18 Budget

SYNOPSIS OF HONG KONG 2017/18 BUDGET is now available for free download.

Corporate News - 08 Dec 2016

Office Open Day - Welcome the Accounting Study Mission from Singapore Management University

Career | PKF Hong Kong held an Office Open Day on the 8th December 2016 where we warmly welcomed the Accounting Study Mission from the Singapore Management University.

Corporate News - 18 Oct 2016

Success on your doorstep

PKF Hong Kong was invited to the Career Forum 2016, organized by HKICPA on 2 October 2016 at Cyberport Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Corporate News - 01 Oct 2016

The red carpet is rolling out

One Belt, One Road will deepen China’s infrastructural, economic, institutional and cultural connectivity with key parts of the globe.

Corporate News - 30 Sep 2016

Risk taking in our daily life

Why would one consider taking risks? The answer is simply because all of life’s joys come with an element of risk-taking. Whether it be with sports, even the small act of playing Pokemon Go, entails risks. Would you rather go through life without these simple pleasures?

Corporate News - 06 Sep 2016

Brexit heightens global economic risks

The UK's vote to leave the European Union heightens risks for the world economy, finance chiefs have said at the end of the G20 summit in China.

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