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PKF Five Core Values


Passion, a core value of PKF Hong Kong, informs our appetite for progress. PKF Hong Kong strives to exceed our clients’ expectations by being responsive, creative and going the extra mile to deliver superior outcomes. 

Through opportunity and training, PKF Hong Kong fosters the personal and professional growth of our people to provide business advisory services. 

Above all, we encourage everyone at PKF Hong Kong to love what they are doing and to reflect this in their client relationships. We are very much a PKF family.

  • Love what you do and strive to do your best. 
  • Exceed clients' expectations and never give up.
  • Never say ‘No’. Every new assignment is an opportunity to learn and develop.
  • Be proactive.


PKF Hong Kong treats our clients as if they were our own. We are advisers without borders in audit, tax and business advisory services. Strong personal relationships enable auditors to work with clients seamlessly. We respond on time, we charge fairly, and we respect one another’s relationships.

Effective teamwork, the main value of PKF Hong Kong, is a result of dependable partnerships where people communicate. Where we say yes. Where we find solutions and collaborate to establish targets and objectives.

  • Respect others no matter their role. 
  • Share information, work collaboratively and proactively to achieve PKF Hong Kong’s goals.
  • Prepare and circulate the list of team members.
  • Keep everyone informed of engagement progress.


Clarity - a character to make success definable. Whatever the mediums, PKF Hong Kong conveys our messages plainly and concisely to make works meaningful and directions unquestionable. 

We initiate clear and direct actions to make things simple and practical. We work with a culture of openness and transparency.

  • Communicate with clients directly and to the point. 
  • Simplify processes to save time and cost in better results.
  • Clarifies all understandings if you feel confused.
  • Make actions clear and practical.


Providing a high and consistent quality of service is a key value to us. We care about our quality of works of both our services and employees.

We are globally regulatory-compliant, aligned to local requirements no matter how stringent. We constantly question, review, and test compliance with these standards through strict adherence to our processes of inspection. We are all party to the PKF Commitment.

  • Offer technical excellence.
  • Provide practical solutions and deliver exceptional work on time.
  • Monitor work and keep clients updated on progress and changes.
  • Comply with international standards in high-quality services.
  • Take care of various clients in dedicated client service


Our individual voice defines us in our communities and local markets, but our collective integrity is what sets us apart. We have shared standards and mutual respect for entrepreneurs and influential leaders as collaborators of influence. We recognise the individuals who represent our member firms, engaging in the support and encouragement that makes things happen—together. 

  • We are our reputation.
  • Do what is inherently right and fair.
  • Have strong moral fiber.
  • Be honest, reliable and transparent.
  • Take responsibility and live up our commitment