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My Secondment experience

To tell the truth, I did not imagine that I would have a chance to work in a foreign country. My company, PKF Hibiki Audit Corporation in Japan, joined PKF member firm just 5 years ago.

Since then, my company has been getting more jobs which require cooperation of PKF network. That’s why PKF Hibiki started using PKF secondment program, and I was sent to PKF Hong Kong from June to September 2017 to get more experience and stronger relations with other PKF firms.

Yasushi came to PKF Hong kong in first day

My first impression of Hong Kong was not so good because of the weather in summer. It was very hot, raining every day, and worse, the air conditioner was too strong. Hong Kong has a lot of great places to visit such as the Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, SOHO, Stanley, and so on. While I went sightseeing on weekends in the so-hot sunshine, I thought I should have come here in winter season.

Sightseeing on weekends

Hot pot with PKF Hong Kong colleagues

Related to jobs, there are a lot of differences from my country. In Japan, small private entities aren’t required for audit, so we rarely have a chance to audit small companies. On the other hand, audit is required for every company in Hong Kong, and auditors here spend a lot of time for such small private companies. Since small companies usually don’t have enough knowledge, auditors need to direct how to make financial statement properly in many cases.

In the peak season, auditors in Hong Kong need to handle much more clients at the same time, which is very hard. For me personally, the working environment for auditors in Hong Kong seems to be more challenging.

In such environment, I gained time management skill, deeper knowledge of IFRS, and how to communicate with people whose culture is different. Although I still have a lot to learn, but I can say I came back a lot more experienced than when I left Japan.

Nigh view in Victoria harbor

Hong Kong mariculture raft

Aside from works, we could build a good friendship. People in PKF Hong Kong were so unique and friendly that they didn’t give me any time to feel lonely. Gentle and open-minded partners, reliable and talkative managers, teammates with whom I talked a lot about nothing while audit fieldwork term, curious but lazy my Japanese class students; I miss them all so much!! I cannot be too thankful for their kindness and hospitality. I wish I could see them soon.

Japanese Class

Farewell moment with our lovely colleagues

This secondment program was just 3months, but it became one of the best memories in my life. I was so lucky to have such a great opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Yasushi Miyamoto
PKF Hibiki Audit Corporation



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