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Risk Advisory Services

Reduce Business Risks in Uncertain Conditions

Today, risk management is the common language for financial institutions, multinational conglomerates, and business enterprises alike. All must control and mitigate risk in an efficient and effective manner in the rapidly changing environment. In order to do so, companies must revitalize and reform their control framework – whether it is in Management, Operations, or Information Technology. The result is enhanced business performance and trust from your customers, shareholders and key stakeholders.

PKF Hong Kong’s risk advisory specialists can help you navigate the challenges and achieve your risk management goals. With our market experience, your company will adapt and thrive within its risk tolerance boundaries.

We are committed to providing tailored solutions in the context of your business. Our dedicated professionals will identify business risks, highlight critical control themes, and propose timely solutions. Ultimately, we want to give you the tools to build a proactive and integrated approach to risk management.

Explore further

1. Pre-IPO internal control review

Before the initial public offering (“IPO”), IPO sponsors must ensure the listing applicant has established sound and effective corporate governance, internal control and risk management systems in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our professionals can help IPO sponsors perform comprehensive pre-IPO internal control reviews to determine the adequacy of the aforementioned systems of listing applicants.

2. Internal Audit

In today’s strict regulatory environment, the Internal Audit function holds the key to a company’s success. Not only does the Internal Audit function evaluate the existing risks and monitor internal controls, it also has to detect fraud and irregularities, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and make recommendations to remedy control deficiencies.

Our internal audit professionals can add value to your company by performing the following:

  • Internal control reviews;
  • Internal audit out-sourcing or co-sourcing, which includes access to our team of Internal Audit specialists, and implementation of well-established Internal Audit Methodology;
  • Corporate governance, such ensuring compliance with The Code on Corporate Governance Practices and advising on the best practices; and
  • Regulatory compliance, such as performing gap analysis on a predetermined framework and criteria, and assisting to re-design and implement policies for gaps identified and key processes.

3. Internal Control Review (for both Listed and Unlisted Companies)

An internal control review ensures that your company’s internal control framework, methodology and practices continue to address your business needs and operate effectively.

We provide internal control services, which include:

  • Internal control testing
  • Internal audit out-sourcing or co-sourcing
  • Internal audit diagnostic

4. Systems Consultancy

We provide systems consultancy for both local and mainland enterprises. Our services include:

  • IT consultation and training
  • Intranet implementation and support
  • Managing IT infrastructure
  • Network security advice and implementation
  • Website building and reviews
  • System integration and automation






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