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Transaction Services in Financial Advisory

Our dedicated specialists assist corporations throughout the deal process – whether it is in acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances or access to local and global capital markets.

With our expertise and knowledge, you are guaranteed to maximize your return on the deal within the time and resource constraints.

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1.Due diligence

Our experts have extensive experience in due diligence work, including financial, tax, operational and commercial due diligence.

  • Seller Side Due Diligence: We will work alongside the target company and provide an independent evaluation of the financial, tax, operational and commercial position of the business. During this process, we will highlight your company’s value-added services and identify potential issues that require resolution. A full disclosure of the company’s information will increase the bargaining power of the seller, buyer’s confidence, and efficiency in the deal negotiation process.
  • Buyer Side Due Diligence: We will work with the potential buyer to validate all the financial and non-financial assumptions made in the deal. This includes providing an independent view of the target company’s revenue, future cash flows, operational issues, and current performance and future We will also review your investment strategies to ensure that it aligns with your investment objectives. This will give you the assurance that you are making the right choice.

2. Mergers & acquisitions

Our M&A specialists assist clients in the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) process. We will help execute your company’s growth strategies by taking identifying and taking advantage of the market opportunities.

During the M&A execution, we give you a peace of mind by performing due diligence on the target’s financial, tax, operational and commercial aspects. We will also engage our firm’s specialists to perform a valuation of the target. In addition, we will assess the target’s potential growth in the revenue and shareholder wealth.

In the integration and post-integration stage, we will formulate an effective and efficient plan for smooth transition into business-as-usual across all business functions. Our plan considers a wide range of aspects, such as people and processes, change management, integration of IT systems and subsequent milestones.

3. Valuations

Our valuation specialists can help you analyze, measure and report on a wide range of valuation issues.

With our accounting and tax expertise, and up-to-date valuation methodologies, we can meet your business needs. We provide an independent and objective assessment of the value and the value drivers of your asset or business, and account for updates in the financial reporting standards.

Valuation is an essential piece of information for mergers and acquisitions, disposals, financial reporting, or investment appraisals. Our services can help you can gain insight into your business, close out business deals, and adhere to the financial reporting guidelines.

4. Debt financing

Each business has unique financing needs. That is why we are committed to work with our clients to understand their short-term and long-term capital requirements. We will then devise and execute comprehensive financing plans. This includes:

  • Financial bundling: optimal combination of financing tools to lower interest expense and improve borrowing terms and conditions. This includes working with clients to form capital structuring options; identifying alternative sources of capital; debt restructuring; negotiating with lenders to renew debt structures.
  • Capital structuring: designing and executing complicated loan types, such as syndicated loans and convertible bonds.

5.Fundraising, IPO and capital markets support

With our extensive knowledge and insight in capital markets and close relationships with private equity firms, we are proudly placed to help our clients allocate capitals for business growth and expansion.

Our team of specialists can help our clients in every step of the fundraising cycle. We advise on the selection of appropriate investors, strategic partners and venture capitalists. Depending on your needs, we make arrangements for private placements or assist in the initial public offering (“IPO”) of shares.

We also advise on the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“SEHK”) and Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”). We are also equipped to support your capital markets transactions in major markets around the world with our global network in Australia, Korea, United States, and United Kingdom.

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