Business Advisory

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance specialists provide independent financial advice, including financial and commercial due diligence, financial modeling, and business valuation. With our experience across industries and geographies, we provide advice to fast-growing start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises, and large corporations in Asia. Our worldwide network is also advantageous for cross-border or cross-region transactions.

PKF Hong Kong is experienced in assisting clients with their business transactions. We are thorough and detailed in our approach and methodology. You will be empowered to make an informed decision on your investment.

Our corporate finance specialists also have the accounting expertise and business understanding to perform financial modeling.  We also evaluate specific aspects of the targeted business. This includes share valuation, financial instruments, intangible assets (goodwill, intellectual property, research and development), and fixed assets (buildings, land, machinery). This will be performed in accordance with regulatory requirements and international financial reporting standards. 

Why choose PKF?

PKF Hong Kong is part of a worldwide network, which is capable of guiding you from deal initiation to deal completion. Depending on your needs, PKF Hong Kong will develop a tailored business plan, strategy and solution. We have the skillset and work ethic to deliver and execute projects in an accurate and timely manner. We also offer clients judicious advice on potential transactions. With our expertise and professional knowledge, you are guaranteed to maximize your return on the deals within time and resource constraints.