Initial Public Offering (IPO) Services

Going public is not an easy decision. PKF Hong Kong provides the necessary knowledge to help your firm through this exciting yet challenging process in Hong Kong and other overseas stock exchange.

Our experts provide professional services in the IPO process for both overseas or Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“HKEx”). We will deliver valuable insights to assist you to overcome the difficulties in the listing process.

PKF Hong Kong understand the complexities of ever-changing regulations and overseas capital markets, including AIM, ASX, as well as the HKEx and Growth Enterprise Board. Our dedicated team of accountants possess the ideal credentials and skills in issuing an IPO and are committed to serving you.

Transparency is fundamental in the time-consuming process of issuing an IPO. A strong relationship with our clients is paramount. We provide support at every stage of the listing process to sustain your company's growth in a public offering. We are familiar with regulatory requirements and provide appropriate solutions in the IPO market.

There are several key issues to address prior to an IPO:

  • Group Restructuring for IPO – make sure the group is in a good shape for the purpose of IPO listing
  • Internal Controls and Corporate Governance – make sure the group has sufficient and appropriate internal controls and corporate governance policy to comply with the requirements of listing rules before submission of IPO application
  • Law and Tax Compliance – review and rectify any potential non-compliance with the tax regulations and the law with assistance from relevant professionals as soon as possible before the submission of IPO application
  • Pre-IPO Financing – assess any need for pre-IPO financing to strengthen the group’s position for the preparation of IPO
  • IPO valuation – assess the current market value on similar industry and compare with the management’s expectation
  • Selection of professional team – the professional team (including reporting accountant, sponsor, lawyer, etc.) is critical to the success of IPO

PKF IPO specialists are ready to help your company with all the support you need for the success of IPO.

We can:

  • Act as the reporting accountant 
  • Advise on group restructuring
  • Advise on listing rules and other regulatory requirements for IPO
  • Advise on IPO pricing
  • Act as an advisor on internal controls and corporate governance
  • Act as tax advisor on tax compliance
  • Advise on pre-IPO financing
  • Advise on selection on a professional team for IPO
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